Sarah Stapelberg- Room 27

My work deals with the subject of memento mori and the cyclical nature of life and death. I am interested in personal and social rites and rituals through which we acknowledge our mortality. Most of my works are based on the assumption that life is transitory and that death precedes something outside of, beyond and greater than our earthly existence.
My focus is on how we celebrate this belief through traditional social and religious customs such as births, christenings, weddings, and funerals. I often emphasize the role that photography and the family album plays in documenting these events and in an attempt to preserve extended family ties.
I combine autobiographical materials (photographs, mementos) with other materials such as printed paper, fabrics, flowers and thorns. These works bring together elements of history, memory, myth, ritual, and ideas of redemptions and renewal. They are meant to be interpreted on different levels. I focus on techniques that have a repetitive and ritualistic quality to them such as embroidery, sewing, needle piercing and flower making.

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