Martli Jansen van Rensburg- Room 20

“INHERENT FORM” The 18th century pattern has been silkscreened by hand onto the wallpaper and each glass plate is blown using traditional glassblowing techniques. When looking at this installation you see layers of information. The first layer of wallpaper personifies an ordinary, familiar pattern designed from nature. The wallpaper becomes a template for the blown plates which is placed over the pattern. The glass highlights the inherent structure in the pattern and shows that there is a bigger geometrical system or grid to be found.
“In the more general sense the child by gradually conquering the basic geometric forms and applying them to trees, houses, people or animals grasps something of the nature of the object.” – Rudolf Arnheim
I am a South African artist with a degree in Fine Arts, qualified at Kalmar University, Sweden with a dimploma in Glass Design and trained as a glassblower at various studios in UK and Europe. As sculptor I am fascinated by glassblowing and its possibilities in the arts and design world. I use age old glassblowing techniques combined with other materials to create interactive installations and artworks. My work is minimalist and shows a process of analyzing and deconstructing form and patterns in space.
I teach glass in the Fine Arts Department at TUT, whiles producing a glassware range for my own business.

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