Nicole Vinokur- Room 18

My work in Room 18 is largely inspired by finding the ‘precious’ in the everyday and the thrill of discovering flecks of beauty in unexpected places. The room is a sanctuary, a contained space, a construct wherein the viewer is invited to be the explorer, the discoverer or the voyeur.
In the photographic pieces I chose to insert small sewn constructions of water forms (diatoms) into various landscapes. These images document a series of site specific interventions that explore the relationships between masculine/feminine, soft/hard, expansion/restriction and natural/constructed.
Similar consideration is provoked in the hardness yet fragility of glass and pods bursting with the unnaturalness of embellished cushions. The mirror with floating images of water organisms invites the viewer to look more closely and examine the surface of the mirror, themselves or the subtle engravings. Each piece is a journey of discovery, awareness and reflection.
I enjoy the practice of walking, looking, searching, finding – and try to recreate this through my work which is neither definitive nor too serious but rather frivolous. It is about the enjoyment of interaction and the dialogue between place and material. It is the secret sense of triumph in noticing something no-one else has and for that moment being a very private spectator.

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