Andrew Milne- Room 14

At the beginning of 2003 I made the decision to produce art from a particular set of restrictions/rules, these being the choice to wear particular clothing in a specific colour. For the duration of 2003 I wore only red clothing every day and produced artwork based on my experience of life and society for the development of my being. Some of the art works which are produced are extremely personal, and others are extravagant statements about current highly publicized events, with most taking origin in the mundane, I, in some way have become a living sculpture and through this experience have become a social stereotype; the criminal, the pantsula, the worker’ or street sweeper, for example, which people from various backgrounds are easily able to identify with. These various reactions to me have documented and present as artworks. The artworks vary from the exhibition of the immediate documentation to processing it further and then into finished artworks. I work in no specific medium as the process of the artwork determines the final product. This year, 2004, I am continuing on this journey by embracing and wearing the colour orange. I will continue through the colours in the years to come.

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