Eric Duplan, Phyllis Green & Schalk van Niekerk- Room 22

Room 22 was executed by three artists working together with one aim in mind: an internal space for tranquility, serenity and meditation. A place where, in an otherwise busy world, one can return to one’s roots and find strength in ones own core of oneness with nature.
The three artists are painter Eric Duplan, Photographer Phyllis Green and Wood turner Schalk van Niekerk.
For Eric Duplan water symbolises contemplation and life forming a gateway for a labyrinthine journey. “I am hooked on labyrinths and mazes and in my painting I use it as an architectural diagram. It is my secret language for spiritual awareness. My painting is a recording of earth’s spiritual awareness. I try to manifest man’s journey by revealing earth’s hidden structures and topographical markings within the landscape.”
“My painting for Room 22, The Bourke’s Luck Potholes, reflects the metal art piece on the outside wall, a constellation borrowed from the paintings of the SAN people. This piece combines Western symbolism with African symbolism. This constellation flows over on to the canvas using the potholes as a gateway, ultimately interlinking with man and then uniting again with nature in the photographs on the opposite wall.”

Phyllis Green calls her series of photographs ‘STAMBOOM/FAMILY TREE’. It was created specially for Room 22. “For me these portraits reflect us as part of nature and nature as part of us. It embodies our inter relationship. We cannot survive without nature and nature cannot survive without us.”
“My portraits are printed full frame exactly as they were made and I also only make one print. Photography is my passion and for me the creation of a one off photograph is extremely satisfying. I love fibre base paper and always have hand prints printed. This series was printed by Denis da Silva of Silvertone.”
Schalk van Niekerk is a wood turner who has a love affair with wood. His passion for wood, its texture, grain, colour and warmth, is all encompassing. For Room 22 he used Jacaranda wood to create the side tables and a combination of Willow and Jacaranda to create the vanity counter.
“The essence of what I do is to reveal the inner beauty of what is in the timber. The timber and I work in symbiosis, I don’t impose on the timber and the timber don’t impose on me – we bring out the best in each other. Together we create pieces of character.”
Room 22 is your space to create your own experiences and memories. We hope that you find your strength and inner peace in our special space.

View Eric Duplan, Phyllis Green & Schalk van Niekerk’s- Room 22

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